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Benjamin Hoyt Walker

Professional & Personal Profile

Thanks for visiting my site which includes my professional experience, personal interests, and occasional musings about both.


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About me

I'm a family man first and foremost - a proud husband, father, son, and uncle. Above all else, I believe I was put on this earth to be the very best father I can be to my two beloved sons.  Throughout the challenges and rewards of my 30 year career, even when consumed by 70-hour work weeks and endless global travel, nothing ever mattered more than family.

I'm currently the Chief Operating Officer at Glider AI, Inc., a SaaS company providing skill competency screening tools for talent acquisition teams. As a professional, I'm an analytical, deliberate, calm, and empathetic leader quick to roll up my sleeves to tackle a problem. I'm a hands-on leader focused on revenue expansion and operational excellence throughout the company so my boss the CEO and Co-Founder can remain focused on our corporate and product strategy. I deliver both top-line growth through business development accountability and improved cash flow and profitability through demonstrable operational improvements.


My greatest strength is bringing order to chaos in both startup and large organizations through a systematic approach to problem solving and continuous  improvement. As I've risen from an individual contributor, to a manager, to a functional lead, to a corporate executive I'm most proud of the people I've mentored over the years who are now leaders themselves. My career began in Big Five consulting at Price Waterhouse. I later gravitated to technology, enthralled by the blend of art and science required to make great software. I've been directly responsible for nearly every business function over the years, enabling a 360-degree perspective of a corporation.


I regularly speak at conferences focused on technology and the contingent workforce, an area of specialization for the last 20 years. I've participated in numerous podcasts and webinars, and written articles for several publications.

Grace Family Drawing v2.png

2015 drawing by artist and family friend Jordan Grace Owens


My all-time favorite photo of my boys from 2010

I support many non-profits and philanthropic causes through leadership and advisory positions, volunteerism, and financial contributions. I'm a two-time New York marathon finisher, a youth soccer coach, a Red Sox fan, a creative writing hobbyist, a family historian, and a kidney donor.

I live my life mindful of a passage from John Steinbeck's novel East of Eden that I first read in college.


"A man, after he has brushed off the dust and chips of his life, will have left only the hard, clean questions: Was it good or was it evil? Have I done well—or ill?"




I've led B2B sales, marketing, and account management teams.  I enable top- and bottom-line growth through efficient sales and account management enablement and a customer-centric focus that ensures sales or marketing messaging are created through the eyes of the prospective customer.  It's not about clarity of what you're selling, it's about clarity of what they're buying, what problems need to be solved, and how your product or service uniquely solves them. If you can't name three solution differentiators and confidently stand behind them, you might as well pack it up.


I've been in customer-facing roles as an individual contributor, manager, and executive.  Customer-centricity isn't about always saying yes or the customer always being right.  It's about understanding what they need, what's driving those needs, and articulating the best ways to accomplish their objectives with the time and resources available.  It's about candor and integrity. Enterprise customers want to be better informed and know about better ways to achieve their objective. In virtually any business-to-business scenario customer advocacy is nuanced, consultative, and dynamic.


Starting my career in a Big Five management consultancy instilled in me the importance of methodology, scalability, and repeatability.  Cookie cutter? Never. Deliberate and purposeful? Always. Any operational improvement initiative can apply the same formula.  Current state discovery, root cause analysis, requirements definition, alternative analysis, solution design, and rollout.  In all of my operational leadership roles I apply some form of this method to improve quality and efficiency, and decrease cost and waste.



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