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What I find most special about Ben's particular brand of effectiveness as an executive is his uncanny ability to operate at both ends of so many leadership spectrums.  For example, as a business leader, Ben is every bit as comfortable taking the CEO perspective on issues of long-term strategy and culture as he is rolling up his sleeves and grinding into the dirt of front-line problems that need solving today.  As an operational leader, he is a masterful individual contributor, able to get ungodly amounts of critical work done personally, and, also—and these don't often go hand in hand—he has such strong relationships with colleagues and such a natural gift with influence that he gets tons of work done through others. 

All of that said, there is one spectrum of leadership skill and behavior where Ben solidly anchors just one end:  integrity.  Ben is just a fundamentally good person, going to great lengths to do the right thing at every critical juncture for the customer, the people, and the business.  You're never in doubt the organization is in good hands with Ben leading.


Peter Buer

Chief Growth Officer

Knownwell AI

I first met Ben Walker as my client during his tenure with Bloomberg, LLP, and later had the privilege of working for him at Brightfield. I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Ben, who has demonstrated exceptional operational excellence, leadership, and mentorship abilities during our time working together. As a former manager under Ben's guidance, I can attest to his outstanding qualities that have significantly contributed to both my professional growth and the success of our team.

Ben possesses impeccable operational acumen. He has a keen understanding of our industry's intricate nuances and is adept at crafting strategies that optimize efficiency and drive results. He can streamline complex processes and foresee potential roadblocks, ensuring that projects are executed seamlessly, and objectives are met.

Ben exemplifies outstanding leadership qualities. A unique blend of inspiration, empowerment, and decisiveness characterizes his approach when leading teams. He fosters an environment where team members feel motivated to contribute their best efforts and take ownership of their responsibilities. His clear communication and unwavering commitment to our shared goals created a sense of unity within the team, promoting collaboration and a shared sense of purpose.


As a mentor, Ben goes above and beyond to guide and nurture his team members. He recognizes the strengths and potential of each individual and tailors their mentorship approach to help them excel. His willingness to invest time and energy in their team's development is truly commendable, as it has led to the growth and advancement of numerous team members.


Ben’s ability to drive results, foster a cohesive team environment, and elevate individual potential is a testament to his outstanding abilities as a leader.


Amy Diehl

EPG Group

COO Americas

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