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As economists and industry pundits contemplate whether the talent shortage we are currently experiencing is “transitory” (i.e., a blip) or “persistent” (i.e., the new normal), their conclusion is immaterial to those on the front lines of talent acquisition where the struggle is real, and it’s intensifying.


Acheive a holistic view of your workforce, optimizing the balance between employees and non-employees, including staff augmentation, project-based services, and fully outsourced business functions.


Many organizations rely on a de facto set of informal terms.  Often this includes multiple terms that mean the same thing, but are given different names.  At best, this leads to confusion, and worse, misclassification.  Clearly defining and communicating all categories of your non-employee workforce is a foundational element of a contingent workforce program that can't be overlooked.


Framework for creating a qualitative and quantitative business case for change to ensure decision-makers can quickly green light your initiative.

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Many temporary staffing professionals, on both the buyer and supplier side of the market, are responsible for estimating temporary staffing demand for their organization. Staffing providers need to forecast revenue and resource requirements and buyers need to establish and refine budgets. While company-specific factors (such as changes to sales strategies, investment and divestment plans, or recent financial performance) play a leading role in forecasting, many organizations rely on external measures of the national economy to build or support their forecasts. The problem is that those predictions are often, well, unpredictable.


Perhaps one of the most difficult procurement categories to wrangle due to the mercurial  and decentralized way in which services are purchased and consumed at most large organizations, but critical to financial management and legislative compliance.


With persistant labor shortages for critical and emerging IT skills, don't limit your staffing options by continuing to follow fragemented, stovepipes hiring practices that don't enable fluidity between FTE and CW roles. 

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