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Management Consulting. Software. Executive Leadership.

I have over 30 years of professional experience focused predominately in business-to-business consulting & software.  From my very first job at Price Waterhouse to my leadership roles at Bloomberg, Brightfield Strategies, and Glider AI, I've always been hungry to learn, quick to adapt, and eager to jump in to tackle problems. I pride myself on my work ethic and the outcomes I've delivered. You can download my resume below and scroll down to learn more. 

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Management Consulting

I started my career at Price Waterhouse in the management consulting practice in Washington, DC.  I worked in the Quantitative Methods, Change Integration, and Information Technology practice areas.  I gained invaluable experience in process improvement, financial analysis, statistics, software development, benchmarking, and project management.  As I rose through the ranks I was responsible for budgets and P&Ls for projects, and then for a complete business portfolio.  Under the mentorship of PW partner Dr. Paul R. Lawrence, PhD, I learned many practical lessons about leadership, communication, and client service that I apply to this day.

Consulting involves quickly learning about each customer's business operations, challenges, and objectives, and applying accumulated knowledge and expertise from prior clients and engagements to rapidly design and deploy solutions and resolve problems.  I loved every minute of it.

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While at PwC, I led a team at the U.S. House of Representatives, evaluating replacement software alternatives as part of a migration from a mainframe to a client/server infrastructure.  It was my first deep foray into software, including detailed architecture, database design, functional, and integration considerations. I was hooked.


I soon left PwP to join an IT Services company focused on development of web-based systems, as part of the massive web 1.0 movement. I learned not just about three-tier software architecture and fledgling eCommerce design, but also about the methods and best practices by which it's made. I learned about Waterfall SDLC, and then Agile, when it was first launched as we know it today.

I've continued to eagerly learn as new technologies and approaches emerge, always looking for ways to make the software developed by the companies I've worked for more user-friendly, extensible and interoperable.

I've worked in numerous facets of software including product management, implementation and enablement, customer success, sales & marketing, account management and help desk.

Additionally, I've led initiatives to implement internal systems, including Financials, HRIS, ATS, VMS, Timekeeping, and Procure-to-Pay.




I'm currently a Chief Operating Officer, a role I worked hard to obtain since I first set the goal in 2012.  Although I held various leadership roles in sports and extracurricular activities while still in school, my first professional leadership experience came managing large projects at Price Waterhouse, and later PwC.  My mentor at PwC, Paul Lawrence, entrusted me to open and run a new office along with a peer, operating as its own profit center for key projects within his portfolio.  It's there that I learned the balance between financial and people management and the importance of clear direction, frequent constructive feedback, and public praise for team members. Transparency, integrity, empathy, and accountability have been the four cornerstones of my management style since the mid-90s.

The thing I'm most proud of throughout my career is hearing feedback from former team members after they've moved on to new and bigger roles, about how I helped them confidently grow into leadership roles themselves. If you're honest with people, and demonstrate commitment to their success in good times and bad, they'll repay that honesty and commitment back to the organization they work for.

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